These are the docs for the HTML theme.

These are the docs for the HTML theme.


HTML theme

The HTML theme allows you to easily host HTML files. You can essentially use Small Victories as a hosting service!

The following article is about hosting HTML/CSS/JS (and media assets) with Small Victories. For information on building custom themes using HTML/Liquid, head over to the Developer resources.

When you create a new site using the HTML Theme, you’ll see it in your Small Victories folder with a few files in it. These files will give you an example of how you can host HTML pages and linked files.

Some tips

  1. You can edit these existing files or you can also place your own HTML, JavaScript, CSS and any other referenced files into the site folder and they’ll render as normal.
  2. Small Victories will preserve any filepaths (both relative and absolute) in your HTML so you can link images, stylesheets, scripts, etc.
  3. You can rename/replace the default CSS and JS files if you’d like. The only file that’s necessary is _sv_settings.txt.
  4. If you’re using a static site generator, such as Jekyll, you can do that in a Small Victories site folder.

Some sites hosted with Small Victories using the HTML theme

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