These are the docs for the Campaign theme.

These are the docs for the Campaign theme.


Campaign theme


The campaign theme is perfect for launching a new company or product. It displays a MailChimp sign-up form, a full-size background image, your site title and description, and a link list.

The link list is simply a markdown list in the file.

You can set your MailChimp list up by adding the list URL to your _sv_settings.txt file.

You get the MailChimp URL from the MailChimp admin. Go to Lists/list-name/Signup forms/Embedded forms. Under the Naked tab, there’s an embed code. In the <form> tag, there’s a long URL that looks like:


Copy that and paste it in your _sv_settings.txt file after mailchimp:.

By default the file background.jpg is used as the background image so you can replace this image or edit the CSS to set another image.

See the Campaign demo

Sites using the Campaign theme

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