These are the docs for the Blog theme.

These are the docs for the Blog theme.


Blog theme

The Blog theme renders markdown, HTML and text files. Each file you include will appear on the homepage and be rendered as its own post.

The posts are ordered by the sort setting in your _sv_settings.txt file.

By default they are ordered by filename. We found that using the date as your filename (format: yyyymmdd) is the best way to keep track of your files because it sorts nicely in your folder, but you can use any numeric or alphanumeric file naming you want. If you post a lot you can append the time to the date (we use military time, way more precise) separated by a dash. If you want to add a title to the filename put a space after the timestamp. Here are some sample filenames:

You can add a featured image to a post by adding an image with the same file name. For example, if you have the post you would name your image my-first-post.jpg.

The title of your post is taken from the top h1 line in your markdown file. The lead for your post is the paragraph directly after the h1. For example:

# My First Post Title

This is the lead for My First Post and will render on the homepage of my blog

If you don’t want to have a lead you need to add an empty paragraph after the h1 like so:

# My First Post Title
Since there's an empty <p> after the h1, this paragraph will not show up on the homepage.

If you’re using markdown, which we recommend you do, you can put more than just text in your files. Images and video can be used inline like so:

![document image](/images/document-image-01.png)

You can add a logo to your blog by dropping a PNG called logo.png in your site folder. Your theme will take care of sizing for you.

See the Blog demo

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