These are the docs for Small Victories, built using the Document theme – another Small Victory.

Ecommerce theme


The ecommerce theme is one of the simplest ways to sell a product online. It’s similar to the Homepage, but shoppable! Add one image and it will display as a full page background image. Add more than one and you will be able to scroll through the images.

This theme requires a little bit more setup than others (because it’s an online store!). In addition to title, theme, domain, and description here are the other things you’ll see in the _sv_settings.txt file:

  • company - Name of your company.
  • stripe_pk - You will need to setup an account with Stripe Checkout (sign up here). Once you do you want to put your public key here (which you can find under Account Settings/API Keys/Live Publishable Key).
  • stripe_sk - Put your Stripe secret key here (which you can find under Account Settings/API Keys/Live Secret Key).
  • variants - Used for things like sizing or color. Comma separate your variants (example: small, medium, large). If your product doesn’t have variants, leave this blank and the dropdown selector will be hidden.
  • price - Price of your product. You can only have one price for your product.
  • shipping — If you need to collect shipping information then set this to true, otherwise set it to false.

See the Ecommerce demo

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