These are the docs for Small Victories (built using the Document theme).


We work on Small Victories on the side of our normal jobs and we’re completely self-/un-funded. Changes are slower than we would like but we are always working to make Small Victories better.

Here are some of the things on our (very) long wishlist:

  • Product roadmap
  • Better product roadmap and changelog
  • Overall site speed and stability
  • Host SV sites on other platforms (e.g. Google Drive)
  • Better documentation and examples
  • Developer tools and resources (in progress at
  • Improved rebuild times for custom HTML sites
  • Local development tools
  • Snippets for things like global navigation
  • Redesigned Admin screens
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Option to create OpenGraph tags for all sites
  • Education pricing
  • Updated website for
  • Updated Admin screens
  • Detail pages for Themes with examples, documentation, etc.
  • Customizable 404 and Password pages
  • Themes V2
    • Redesigned
    • Rebuilt for easier customization
    • Pre-populate custom CSS file with variables and classes
    • New default theme: Portfolio (now available as a custom theme)
  • Updates to specific themes
    • Support for cart and other payment processors (Ecommerce)
    • Download as PDF (Presentation and Document)
    • Print stylesheets (Presentation and Document)

Thank you for using SV (and for your patience)! Your support allows us to do this.

Small Victories