These are the docs for Small Victories (built using the Document theme).

+Plus features

If you've upgraded or are thinking about upgrading here is a handy guide to what you get:
1. HTML Site Hosting
2. Using a custom domain
3. Password protecting your site
4. Remove the SV Badge
5. Site Export

HTML Site hosting

This is a new theme for Small Victories that will render straight HTML files. It allows you to use SV as your hosting service so you can create more complex sites.

Using a custom domain

By default we give you a subdomain on But you might want to use your own. It’s really easy to do.

First, in your _sv_settings.txt file, or in your admin, enter your custom domain with the www.

Next, you’ll need to go to your domain registrar (where you bought the domain). Under you domain’s DNS settings, add a new CNAME record:

hostname: www

It might take a little while to propagate, so keep hitting that refresh.

You’ll probably also want to set up the non-www URL to redirect to the URL with www.

Every domain registrar is different, so check their website for questions and support.

Manually Publish vs. Redirect

When you create a custom domain you'll see two radio buttons appear under your URL (that Small Victories gives to you) and your Custom Domain. The two options are "Manually publish to custom domain" or "Redirect to custom domain"

Here's what they mean:

  • Manually publish - With manually publish selected your URL and your custom domain will be active. Changes made on your domain will show up on your custom domain only if you press the publish button. Think about your domain as a staging site for your custom domain.

  • Redirect - With redirect to custom domain selected all changes will go directly to the custom domain.

Password protecting your site

You can either enter your password into the the password field in your admin or you can also add a password field to your _sv_settings.txt file:

password: yourpassword

password screen

Users will be prompted to enter a password when they first view your site and after entering it correctly once it will be saved in their session.

Remove the SV Badge

When you upgrade removing the badge at the bottom right of your site is easy. Go to your admin on your site and you'll see a dropdown called remove badge or add a badge field to your _sv_settings.txt file:

badge: hide
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