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Here are some common problems (and answers!)

Why does Small Victories need me to grant it full access to my Dropbox?

We decided that the ability to collaborate on shared sites (i.e. Dropbox folders) was really useful. Since folders within Dropbox/Apps can’t be shared, Small Victories has to live outside of the Apps folder. We take your files and your privacy seriously, and we’ll never do anything with the files outside of the Small Victories folder.

Does Small Victories do anything to my files?

No. We will never make changes to your original files. You can use a Small Victories folder to store files just like normal.

Why isn’t my site updating?

We’ve noticed that dragging a site folder (or a site’s files) out of your Dropbox, letting it sync, and then dragging it back in often resets any sync issues.

Why is my filename not being rendered correctly?

Dropbox caches file names if they change case but not name, so if you can a file from to this won’t be reflected in Dropbox. To get it to update simply rename the file to something unique and then back again e.g. then


We’re a small team working on Small Victories as an unfunded side-project, so if something isn’t perfect, please understand that we’re trying our best!

Send us a mail or a twit and we’ll help as much as we can.

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