These are the docs for Small Victories (built using the Document theme).

Collaborating and sharing sites

Sharing sites you create

You can collaborate on a Small Victory site by sharing the site folder with other people. This works just like sharing any other Dropbox folder. You should only share the site folder and not your entire Small Victories folder.

Only sites you create will appear in your admin area.

Note: Dropbox doesn’t allow you to share folders inside their App folder. You’ll need to make sure you grant Small Victories full access to use this feature.

Collaborating on a site someone else created

When you’re invited to collaborate on a Small Victory, it will appear in the top level of your Dropbox folder. You can move this folder, if you like (unlike with sites you create). You can edit, add, or remove files just like any other shared Dropbox folder and the changes will appear on the site (and in your friends’ Dropbox folders, too).

You should not move the folder into your Small Victories folder as Small Victories will think it’s a new site and things will get confusing fast!

We suggest you create another Small Victories folder called something like Shared Small Victories and keep all the sites you’ve been shared on in here.

In short: keep sites shared with you separate from sites you create.

Small Victories