These are the docs for Small Victories (built using the Document theme).



Your site’s settings are in a file called _sv_settings.txt. Anything you change here you can also change in your admin page.

Your _sv_settings.txt contains four things by default (some themes will have extra settings). Here is the settings file for this site:


  • title – The title of your site that appears at the top.
  • theme – You can change your theme here. If changed here (and not in the admin) then you must make sure you spell the name of the theme right.
  • domain – The url that you can access your site at. Learn more about custom domains in the advanced section.
  • sort – The order in which your files will be included in your site (see Advanced | Ordering)
  • description – Short description that can be written in plain text, markdown or HTML.

Changes made in this file will be reflected in your site’s admin section on the Small Victories site (be patient while your file syncs with Dropbox when making changes).

Adding images manually

  • For image-based themes (Feed, Slideshow), when you drop an image into the Dropbox folder of your Small Victory Site they’ll appear automatically on your site.
  • For one-pager themes (Homepage and Campaign) any image dropped into the Dropbox folder of your Small Victory that has a filename background.jpg will become the background to the site.
  • For text-based themes (Presentation and Document) insert images manually using the markdown format:
![document image](/document-image-01.png)

You can also make a folder for your images, in which case your path would look something like:

![document image](/images/document-image-01.png)

The label insides the “[]” is an alt tag and by default isn’t used for anything (unless you are a hacker!). It’s used by screen readers.

Moving site folders

For sites that you create, they need to live within the folder that Small Victories creates for you in your Dropbox. Removing a site folder will effectively delete it. (This does not apply to sites that have been shared with you; see below.)

Bugs and known issues

Wrangling Dropbox syncing isn’t easy, so it’s possible you might encounter a bug during the course of using the Beta version of Small Victories.

We’ve noticed that dragging a site folder (or a site’s files) out of your Dropbox, letting it sync, and then dragging it back in often resets any sync issues.

You can also rebuild a site from the Admin area.

Small Victories