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Small Victories Getting Started Guide

Make a website out of the contents of a Dropbox folder. No servers, no uploading, no CMS; just the tools you already have. Easily customizable and free.

Basic concepts

A Small Victory site is represented by a folder. The files in this folder automatically become the content of your website. Updating your site happens automatically when Dropbox syncs (it syncs when it notices any changes). When you make changes, there might be a small delay as Dropbox syncs.

Small Victories includes some themes for common types of sites to get you started, or you can do something completely custom. You can customize these using the JavaScript and CSS files included in your site folder. Anything you can do with JavaScript or CSS you can do in Small Victories.

Getting started

When you sign in to Small Victories via Dropbox, you’ll be given some options for creating your first website. Depending on what kind of site you want to make, you can start with a theme, a blank site, or even host your own HTML.

At the same time, a folder will be created in your Dropbox called Small Victories. This is where your sites are kept.

This folder will contain some example files to give you an idea for how the theme you chose works. Once you get a feel for how it works delete them and add your own files. Anything (images, text, HTML) you put in this folder will appear on your site.

Help, questions, and big-ups

Send us a mail or a twit.

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